Friday Fave – Getting It All Done

It’s been a day, y’all.

First, work. That’s normal, except that I’d been taking Fridays off before the holiday, so kind of not right now. Anyway, it was fine.


We’re expecting bad weather here around Sunday. And by bad, I mean leading to bad road conditions. People here can’t drive on ice. So it’s looking more and more likely that a lot of people won’t be coming to work on Monday. And possibly Tuesday, into Wednesday. Ordinarily, that would kind of be a pain, but fine. Except that next week is planning week. This happens every couple of months to plan the next couple of months, and there are deadlines involved. So I stayed later than I ordinarily would to try to get some things pre-planned.

Normally that would be fine.


I had already planned that I needed to go to HEB after work. It’s in the opposite direction from my house, so kind of a pain to go, but usually worth it to get some things I can’t find at other stores. Then I figured I should go ahead and go to Walmart as well, to get things I can only get there, plus stuff we need for next week, especially while we might be snowed or iced in.



My daughter has a church event this weekend. She’s 16 and has the exclusive use of a vehicle, so ordinarily she drives herself to these things, except that they stay at people’s houses, so kind of discourage everyone bringing a vehicle. So I had to drive her, plus her friend who lives nearby.

Then, I get home, have the rest of my dinner of leftovers that I didn’t have time to eat earlier, and play with the dog because he’s been alone most of the day.

And now the day is pretty much gone.

So I didn’t get a brilliant post written, I didn’t get to work on a project of any kind, and I didn’t even have time/feel like working out.

But, you know what, it’s ok.

I did the important things. Kiddos are where they need to be to have a great weekend together. We have plenty of good food to last well into next week. I did what I could to set my team up for planning success next week. I even texted friends to see if anyone wanted to do lunch tomorrow and slipped a load of laundry in there somewhere. (Am I going to hang any of it? No. But that’s not essential either.)

Time to start winding down and get some rest.

With any luck, I’ll have a brief unplanned vacation next week, too.

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