Not My Fave

You guys.

Going to work is hard. Especially after two weeks off.

And before that, I had been taking Fridays off to burn down my PTO. That’s where the “Friday Fave” inspiration came from. I have one in the works, but it just didn’t fully come together this week. I need to find a new blogging rhythm because things have changed.

To bring this back on topic, it’s kind of like crafting. When I was in college, I did counted cross-stitch all the time. I’m not sure why, maybe because it was already designed and mostly just involved counting. Now that I think about it, it probably gave me the same kind of comfort that playing phone games like Nonograms or 2048 do now. I still have the last project I worked on sitting in my nightstand drawer. (It’s a flower fairy!) It just stopped fitting into my life at some point.

Picture of a cluttered mess
She’s in there somewhere. I’m sure of it.

And you know what? That’s ok. Maybe one day I’ll pull that canvas out and finish it. Maybe one day I’ll know that it’s never going to happen, and I’ll donate the unfinished project to a charity shop or somewhere. Or maybe I’ll just continue with the status quo and my daughter will find it when she’s cleaning out my house after I’ve died. Ha.

Now I’ve got different creative outlets that fit my life better that counted cross-stitch. I’m learning how to make my own SVGs on the computer. Offline, I’ve got my bullet journal and the occasional Cricut card. I didn’t stop creating, it just looks different.

My point is, it’s ok. It’s ok to admit that you’re never going to use those supplies. It’s ok to give an unfinished project to someone who might want to finish it. You don’t have to finish everything. You certainly don’t have to keep doing what you’ve always done when it’s not serving you anymore. Maybe with the new year it’s time to let go of something old and try something new.

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