About Me

I’m a 40-something Enneagram 5. I’ve always told myself things like, “I’ll just never be able to draw,” “I’m not very creative,” and “I’m better at math and science than art.” But I love art, I wish I were a crafty person, and I would love to give life to all the things I imagine.

I started with a 3D printer. That was pretty easy. There are tons of designs online to download, so I just had to download and set it up. I even fiddled with the settings to be able to print things in multiple colors.

Then I saw a free course for calligraphy basics. I learned the strokes and started thinking, maybe I can do this, so I purchased the full course, which I’m slowly working through. One day I discovered bullet journaling videos on YouTube and thought, I could do that. Maybe not quite as amazing, but I could make something that looks nice using those lettering and doodle tutorials.

And you know what? Forget those things I used to tell myself! I have a four wing. I can make things. I can make beauty. I can create. I was made for it.

Come join me.