Friday Fave

I thought I’d try something to get into the habit of blogging – Friday Faves. Every Friday (hopefully), I’ll post about something that I like, a book, a YouTube channel, a blog, etc.

So this week’s Friday Fave is a YouTube channel that encouraged me to get back into bullet journaling and use it as a creative outlet in addition to planning. You may have already heard of her because she is a bullet journaling super star, but it’s Amanda Rach Lee. I think I first came across her channel on the sidebar when watching yoga videos or something.

Amanda Rach Lee hand draws some beautiful bullet journal spreads. They’ve gotten more complicated over time, so if you’re intimidated by her latest videos, try going back to some of her early ones. And if you’re really not into drawing, she has what she calls Doodle Planners for sale at They come with spreads already printed that you can color in, or use as-is. They’re a great option if you’re currently looking for a planner with some pizzazz for next year. (No affiliate or anything, just a happy customer.) 

Even if her themes are too complex for you (they usually are for me, too!), her channel is a great resource for getting layout and spread ideas. For some quick inspiration, search for her yearly flip-through videos.

She’s also got some lifestyle content, so if you’re only interested in the bujo videos, check out her playlists.

Here’s her latest monthly video:

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