Friday Fave: Black Friday Edition

So I can’t keep up with all the “deals,” but I probably will be shopping for Christmas gifts this weekend, just because I’ve had some time off, and, you never know, I might just catch a good deal.

What I can do is show you some of the things on my wishlist that I hope people are buying for me today!

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First, apparently this is only currently available through third party sellers, but I’m in love with this Misty stamping tool for precise stamping. I’ve seen tons of people using it particularly for card making, and it produces such nice, neat results!

Next, I’m dying to play with Distress Oxide, so I put this set on my wishlist. I probably should also add some blending brushes like this while I’m at it!

I’m also loving mini-scrapbooking and junk journaling videos, so I’m hoping to get some ready-made ephemera to play with. I’ve added several books that are made to cut up to my list: this one, that one, and how cool is this book-lover one?

Then, this sun print paper just looks so cool to play with.

And I saw someone using these watercolor pencils on YouTube, and they looked like so much fun, with slightly less mess than paints.

Back to the “equipment” side of crafting, I think it’s time for me to get a gel print plate – I’ve asked for this one, which seems a good size to play with. I may also need to get some stencils to go with it, like this set.

Do you have any of these items on your wishlist? Anything you’re jonesing for that I missed? Let me know in the comments!


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