Friday Fave – For the Bullet Journaling Beginner

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I think it was 2017 when I started bullet journaling. I know it was around Labor Day because we were visiting friends over the long weekend, and I remember sitting at their table making some of my first layouts. What had inspired me, though, was a book I had borrowed from the library for my Kindle, Dot Journaling. I don’t remember what prompted me to pick read it, but I’m glad I did.

For me, this is the quentissential bullet journaling starter guide, even more so than the original The Bullet Journal Method from Ryder Carroll . Maybe it’s because it’s from a female perspective, but I don’t know if the bullet journal book would have gotten me to start. The dot journaling book did. I think something about how Rachel Wilkerson Miller presented it as something that could be both practical and beautiful spoke to my soul at that time. My journaling style has changed a lot since that first layout, and I spent a couple of years using pre-printed planners instead, but I’ve come back to bullet journaling and have no intentions of dropping it.

If you’re unfamiliar with bullet journaling, it combines planning and journaling into a kind of stream of consciousness in a single book, but gives you tools to go back and find the content you need later. Sound like magic? It does feel a little magical at times. The thing I like best about the Dot Journaling book is that it encourages you to experiment and keep the features you need, letting go of the ones you don’t.

If you’ve ever thought about giving bullet journaling a try, this is the book I’d recommend. It’s a great intro for the bullet journaling beginner. Everything you need to know, plus a lot of things you probably hadn’t thought of yet (but may find useful!). You can find this no-nonsense, but thorough, guide, for Kindle, in paperback, or even bundled with a blank dot journal.

Have you read it? I’d love to know what you thought about it! Let me know in the comments!

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